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Extended warranty

The UK's best used car warranty! This isn't our claim. it is the claim of Warrantywise who's warranties we provide.

If you shop around you will probably find a cheaper warranty but unlike a lot companies, Warrantywise provide a a used car warranty that does not expect you to pay an excess and also covers ALL the mechanical and electrical parts of your vehicle when it’s up to 6 years old or has travelled up to 60,000 miles. If your vehicle exceeds these limits they offer listed part warranty packages that provide comprehensive cover unrivalled in the marketplace.

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We do not have a set price or even a simple pricing table as the age and mileage differ for every car. Having said that, if your car is 3 or 4 years old with a reasonable mileage expect to pay around £300 for the top level 12 month unlimited mileage Platimum warranty.

Please contact Alan Steele using the telephone number above or the form below for an exact price for your vehicle.

Because each quote is different we will need to know your registration number, the current mileage, when the next service is due and what sort of service history it has.

Check the Warrantywise website for their price but
bear in mind that buying direct from us normally
reduces the price significantly as we buy at trade price.

Warranties Explained

When your car was new it will have been protected by a warranty supplied by the manufacturer. Typically this will cover you for 3 years or 60,000 miles after the date of manufacture against defects that may cause your car to malfunction. The manufacturer will then replace or repair the vehicle at no cost to you.

After the manufacturer’s warranty expires you can choose to extend the warranty cover on your vehicle with an extended car warranty.

The Warrantywise extended car warranty is designed to offer similar protection to that which your manufacturer supplied when your car was new. In effect you are extending your protection against mechanical or electrical breakdown and protecting your bank balance if your car goes wrong.

Is every extended car warranty the same?

Unfortunately not. Many companies offer extended car warranties but the difference in cover between the plans available varies significantly.

Some warranty plans available in the market only cover you for a set list of items on your car, and when you bear in mind that there are over 5,000 parts in a typical car, a list of 150 covered items on a set of warranty terms and conditions doesn’t provide good value for your money! Warrantywise provide a used car warranty that covers ALL the mechanical and electrical parts of your vehicle when it’s up to 6 years old or has travelled up to 60,000 miles. If your vehicle exceeds these limits we offer listed Part warranty packages that provide comprehensive cover unrivalled in the marketplace.

Who pays for the repairs?

When it comes to paying out for a repair or for a part on your car, many warranty companies use clever jargon to make sure they don’t have to give you the full amount for the part or the labour.

For example, many plans have betterment clauses in them, which means that a company will only pay out a limited percentage of a part depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle.

A lot of companies also expect you to pay for the repair first and then deduct an excess when you claim the money back from them afterwards.

We don't think these are fair so we do not ask you to pay an excess, pay for the repair yourself and claim it back or contribute towards the cost of a warranty claim.

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