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Corsa, Corsavan & ADAM steering safety recall

Posted on: 29th Sep 2014

Vauxhall have announced an urgent safety recall affecting all Corsa, ADAM and Corsavan models registered since February 2014. Drivers living in Brighton, Hove, Shoreham, Worthing, Littlehampton, Storrington and Pulborough can rely on Steeles to deal with this promptly and with the minimum incovenience.

Around 3000 of the Corsa, ADAM and Corsavan models manufactured siince February 2014 have a steering system part that does not meet Vauxhall’s specification. As a precaution, these vehicles should not be driven prior to inspection.

We and Vauxhall put the safety and convenience of our customers first and as this condition concerns your safety, we’re taking immediate action.

Vauxhall became aware of the condition during routine quality control at the vehicle manufacturing plant. The company is not aware of any accident or injury related to this condition.

Customers can find out if their car is affected by calling us on 01903 237527. We will tell you whether or not your car is within the affected range and then advise how best to proceed.

Customers who wish to can check their car themselves using the instructions on our special recall page. See link below.

It is important that we still see all cars within the affected VIN (chassis number) ranges even if they do not have the affected steering part fitted. This is so that we can double check it is definitely OK and also advise Vauxhall and DVLA that the car is unaffected.

KAP Hove, no longer Vauxhall franchised in Hove and Brighton

KAP Hove, no longer Vauxhall franchised in Hove and Brighton

Posted on: 9th Mar 2018

KAP in Hove, are no longer Vauxhall Authorised Repairers in Hove & Brighton. This means that they cannot carry out Vauxhall warranty work or recalls, put a Vauxhall stamp in service books, service and repair Vauxhall Motability cars or look after a lot of fleet cars and vans.

What is AdBlue and how do I fill my car up?

What is AdBlue and how do I fill my car up?

Posted on: 3rd Oct 2017

AdBlue is a chemical that helps to reduce the harmful emissions produced by diesel engine and is one of the main methods manufacturers are using to achieve ever more stringent emissions targets.

Winter safety check and treat

Winter safety check and treat

Posted on: 27th Sep 2017

Let us help you prepare for winter’s darker days and more hazardous weather with our Winter Care Check.