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What is AdBlue and how do I fill my car up?

What is AdBlue and how do I fill my car up?

Posted on: 3rd Oct 2017

AdBlue is a chemical that helps to reduce the harmful emissions produced by diesel engine and is one of the main methods manufacturers are using to achieve ever more stringent emissions targets.

Does my car use AdBlue?
AdBlue systems are becoming increasingly commonplace, but it isn’t yet fitted to every diesel car. The more recently your car was built, the more likely it is that it will use AdBlue to reduce its emissions. If you’re driving a new model launched since 2016, it’s highly likely it’ll use AdBlue.

Many people are unaware that their car uses AdBlue until a warning message appears on the dashboard announcing that the AdBlue tank needs replenishing.

How to refill AdBlue
Do not add it to the diesel tank. You must use the AdBlue filler cap. Topping up is simple though. It’s always a good idea to consult your car’s handbook first but typically all you need to do is open the AdBlue filler cap, screw on a connecter hose and then let the AdBlue drain into the tank.

Many refill containers come with a connecting hose but you may want to keep a hose in the car and use cheaper refills without a hose in future.

You must put in the amount specified in your handbook. This can be as little as 3 to 5 litres but a lot of vehicles require you to fill the tank completely. Failure to do this might result in the warning light staying on and the vehicle refusing to start.

What happens if I run out of AdBlue?
You will be reminded in plenty of time to top up by messages on the dashboard but your car will not start if you fail to refill the AdBlue tank before it runs completely dry.

How much AdBlue will my car use?
AdBlue consumption varies from vehicle to vehicle but some vehicles might need topping up after as little as 2,000 miles. Your handbook will tell you the size of the AdBlue tank.

How long does AdBlue last?
While at first it might seem sensible to keep a spare can of AdBlue in the boot any spills or leaks are likely to damage your car’s interior so it is best not to do this.

Do also note that you can’t keep a half-empty container of AdBlue if you have some left over after topping up as airborne contaminants can affect the chemical composition of AdBlue.

Is AdBlue harmful?
AdBlue is non-toxic but it is corrosive and can cause irritation to your skin, eyes and lungs, so do wash your hands after filling.

AdBlue can also damage paintwork so be sure to rinse any spills from the car’s bodywork too.

Service Plans

Service Plans

Posted on: 22nd Nov 2019

Our Service Plans now includes brake fluid changes, MOTs and cambelt changes

KAP Hove, no longer Vauxhall franchised in Hove and Brighton

KAP Hove, no longer Vauxhall franchised in Hove and Brighton

Posted on: 9th Mar 2018

KAP in Hove, are no longer Vauxhall Authorised Repairers in Hove & Brighton. This means that they cannot carry out Vauxhall warranty work or recalls, put a Vauxhall stamp in service books, service and repair Vauxhall Motability cars or look after a lot of fleet cars and vans.