Petrol station in Goring Way selling quality petrol & diesel at competitive prices.
 Obviously we also have all of the other services you would expect from a petrol forecourt including a 
shop (tobacco, confectionery, drinks, car care, car parts/bulbs etc), lubricants, oil, water and BBQ coal.

Harvest Energy

We sell competitively priced Harvest unleaded. super unleaded & diesel. 

Standard unleaded
petrol has changed

The standard petrol grade in Great Britain now has a 10% ethanol content and is labelled E10. 

Diesel fuel has not changed.

Almost all petrol-engine vehicles in use today can use E10 and all cars built since 2011 are compatible.

If your petrol vehicle or equipment is not compatible with E10 fuel, you will still be able to use E5 by purchasing ‘super’ grade (97+ octane) petrol.

Petrol pumps are clearly labelled as either E5 or E10.

Check if your petrol car, motorbike or moped can use E10 petrol here


Our shop sells tobacco, confectionery, drinks, car care, car parts/bulbs, lubricants, oil  and BBQ coal.


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